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Re: The Rona

Postby wraith » Tue May 05, 2020 10:20 am

Lockdown around here was well kept to start with but recently I see a lot more people and cars now. I do wonder about a second wave starting.
My company was quick to adopt home working and emptied the offices sending all 1500 staff home, including our service desk, which was impressive. No impact to service and everyone paid normally so it doesn't get better really.
Carole and I sailed through the last recession as we worked for the Inland Revenue, looks like we will see this one through painlessly too so I am grateful for that.

I do wonder how long before we recover both as a country and as a world. I think it could take quite a while for confidence to return globally, so airlines and travel companies will likely go to the wall around the world. Is that bad, or good, I really don't know. I guess we will see.
How will this affect Brexit, bored with that discussion but I would have thought all possible trade is good now so there must be more pressure there for a deal.
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Re: The Rona

Postby Trig » Tue May 05, 2020 2:02 pm

Sat on my arse at home, being furloughed is ok in one sense, we've pretty much redecorated the entire house, I'm getting 80% of my wages and doing nothing, well, there's some Dante stuff that I'm going to look at, 3 exams worth, so I'm going to start that shortly.
The downside is the job I've been at for 7 months is doing very little work at the mo, the joys of working in motorsport, we're good to the point they're not paying people as the Govt. are picking up the 80% thing, but if that stops then they'll have to start laying people off, and having not been there long, I'd probably be one of the first to go..

Still, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I'm hoping that as soon as events start taking place again that we'll ramp up and I'll be off jet setting again, already missed Germany, France, Italy and should be in South Korea at the mo..
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