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Postby Claw » Wed May 28, 2014 10:02 pm

Accept it... the closest the majority of us will get to having a smoking hot body is by cremation. All that extra fat will work wonders, and the chemicals absorbed and embedded over the years will make you sparkle like never before. The more junk food you eat, and chemicals you douse yourself in, will get you that smoking hot body sooner than you might expect. The facts are so self-evident we don't even need to provide before and after pictures. None of that aerobic exercise malarky, or exercise vid's. That fat just burns right off you effortlessly. We aren't gonna make you feel pressured or guilty by saying you'll miss out if you don't take up this offer, it's all ready and waiting for you to arrive when you're ready... in your own time...
Just be a nutter... life becomes much more exciting, and people won't expect anything more of you...
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